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Oct 2, 2012 5:30pm EDT
... athleen cairns as more on oo much influence body movements can have on an election.. kathleen: kathleen: it was a day of fitnnss in downtown bbltimore. baltimore. hundreds of students paaked porttdiscovery for a day of fun and heaath as an award for great attendance. children from three diffeeeet schools jined our own patrice puseum, get some exercise andd learn he importance of ating healthy and staying active. expeets say it's important that children learn healthy haabts at an early aae. 10:06:33-10:06:522it's very important because ddaling witt they're kids... importance of moving...importance of eaaing h" healthy."schools involved included maathew a. henson elementary... west side elementary. there could soon be far fewer athletes at towson univer. university. a task force is recommending deep is live on the campus tonight o3 with the recommendations, &pjefff... 3 3 3 3 p, the orioles on-field success is translating into business success across the area. columbia, orkers have made n several thousaad orioles- themed shirts in the past five they typically fill n an han entir
Oct 1, 2012 5:30pm EDT
participate... becuase of long liies and redistriitingg training sesssons are already than 35-hundred election judges montgomeey county will need on november 6tt. in fact, ssme of those judges will have to report tt work one day earrier, to begin setttng up voting machinns. roher sayss "there was reeistricting that occurred last january. and, for a lot &pof our voters, they have not since that redistricting occurred.. so, we're encouraging everyone to rrview whereetheir polling place iss" despiie the extensive traiiing, there is concern here abbut potential long lines in montgomery county on election day. polling than 60-thouuand monngomery county residents. early voting begins sattrday october 27th - thursday noveeber 1st the orioles are making history- heading to he playoffs and for some shop keepers that means record kathleen cairns has morr oo how oranne and purple are now sports shhps in tte baltimore region. 3 ---as livv lead----"this morning there was a long line here at the sports shop in harborplace.. as people try to get their oriooes gear... this might be the one time 13 is the orio
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2